Tax delinquency in Montgomery County doesn’t have to lead to a tax sale. There are steps you can take to stop a tax sale in Montgomery County before it gets to that point. At Patrick Home Solutions, we understand how stressful these situations can be. That’s why we put this guide together to try to help homeowners understand their options and what they can do to stop a tax sale in Montgomery County from occurring. Each county handles things differently, and it’s important to understand the differences in each county. Click here for information on other counties. Understanding your tax obligations and the support available can make all the difference. Here’s how to navigate the situation effectively.

Key Dates for Montgomery County, MD Property Owners

  • Tax Payment Due Date: July 1st (Annual payment) or September 30th and December 31st (Semi-annual payments)
  • Late Payment Penalties Begin: After July 1st or the respective semi-annual deadlines
  • Tax Sale Notification: Typically issued in April, for properties with delinquent taxes as of the preceding October
  • Tax Sale Date: Usually conducted in late May or early June

Steps to Address Tax Delinquency In Montgomery County, MD

  1. Early Engagement: Contact the Montgomery County Department of Finance before late penalties start accruing to discuss your situation. Early July or before the semi-annual deadlines are crucial times to reach out.
  2. Payment Plans: Inquire about setting up a payment plan if you’re unable to pay in full by the due dates. These plans can help distribute the tax burden across more manageable installments.
  3. Redemption Period: If your property is listed for a tax sale, the redemption period typically starts after the sale and can last up to six months.

Tax Sales In Montgomery County

A crucial aspect of tax delinquency in Montgomery County is the tax sale process. If property taxes remain unpaid, the county may place a lien on the property and eventually sell this lien at a tax sale to recover the unpaid taxes. Here’s what property owners should understand about tax sales:

  • Notification and Listing: Property owners with unpaid taxes by a certain cutoff date (often in October) will receive notification, and their properties will be listed for a public tax sale the following spring, typically in late May or early June.
  • Participation: The tax sale in Montgomery County is conducted online, allowing bidders to purchase liens on properties with delinquent taxes. After a certain amount of time, these bidders have the right to file for foreclosure and evict you from the property.
  • Redemption by Property Owners: Even after a tax sale, property owners have a redemption period, usually lasting up to six months, during which they can reclaim their property by paying the full amount of the owed taxes plus interest and any additional fees. During this time, the amount owed will be much higher then your original tax bill. That is why it’s crucial to take action before a tax sale. This 6 month period is vital for property owners to take action to regain ownership of their properties.

Proactive Measures and Resources

  • Department of Finance: They provide guidelines and assistance for tax delinquency and stopping a tax sale in Montgomery County before it occurs. they can also offer specific information about payment plans and redemption. Click here for their page.
  • Legal Consultation: For complex cases, seeking legal advice from a lawyer early in the process can help navigate the tax delinquency process and explore additional options.
  • Community Programs: Various local programs for tax delinquency in Montgomery county, and Maryland as a whole may offer financial counseling or assistance to homeowners struggling to meet their tax obligations.


Addressing tax delinquency In Montgomery County, MD early can prevent the escalation to a tax sale and secure your property. Dealing with tax delinquency in Maryland is stressful as is. Learning the different ways that Specific counties like Montgomery County handle tax delinquency can make it even harder. Dealing with tax delinquency or trying to stop a tax sale in Montgomery County requires a proactive and informed approach to deal with. Here at Patrick Home Solutions, we are able to assist you by going over your options. If selling your house before a tax sale is your best option, or even during the redemption period, we can buy it AS-IS and close fast if you decided to go that route. Our Simple Buying Process can help ease your stress. We offer rent-back agreements so you don’t need to move out right away, and when the time comes we even offer to pay for your moving costs. By understanding the specific procedures and resources available in your county, and exploring all available options, you can effectively address tax delinquency in Montgomery County, MD. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Give us a call to see how Patrick Home Solutions can help you today.